At Kingston Dental we want you to have a great looking smile.

Even small things such as fillings are taken into consideration when making this happen. If a tooth is damaged due to decay, trauma or has an inherent defect, then it may be repaired using a filling.

Nowadays, thanks to a variety of options for dental restorations or fillings, you have many choices for repairing worn, decayed, fractured or damaged teeth and restoring a healthy and beautiful smile.

Depending on the nature of your problem your dentist will use appropriate techniques and materials. In the case of small to medium sized cavities, amalgam or composite white material may be suitable.

How do I know If I need a filling?

In most cases you will be unaware if you need a filling unless there has been a trauma and you can detect a change in the shape of the tooth. Dental decay is normally painless until it reaches the nerve of the tooth or allows stimuli to reach the nerve. At this stage the filling will be close to the nerve and may result in the nerve dying off due to bacterial infiltration and infection after the filling.It is important that if you need a filling, that it is done early to prevent further damage to the tooth and the loss of any more tooth structure and further weakening of the tooth, along with the possible risk to the nerve of the tooth.

Regular dental check ups can help to detect tooth decay.

In the past, silver amalgams were extensively used to restore decayed teeth. Unfortunately, amalgam does not match the natural colour of your teeth. Most people nowadays want natural looking teeth without fillings that can be seen when they laugh or smile.

White fillings ensure that your cavities can be repaired while maintaining the natural look of your teeth.

For patients with existing metal fillings, replacement is an excellent option to enhance your smile.